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Home Decorating ~ Ideas, themes, styles for decorating my home. We have selected decorating products that will personalize your home, selecting colors and styles that are tasteful, and that have matching design elements. Use the " keyword search " box to help you find and select the home decor products of  a color that helps you add warmth to your home.  

Ordering ~ Our ordering process operates through a Shopping Cart, along with a product Catalog.  We accept American Express, Discover, Visa/MC, and PayPal payments.  We can take phone orders to expedite order processing.  Call us at ( 815 ) 895 - 4659 or TEXT us at ( 815) 517 - 5731, ... and we will personally take your Order, an expedite shipping.  We gift wrap, if needed.

Privacy ~ With over 30  years customer service experience, we take extreme care in the privacy in all our customer relationships.  We will never sell your name, address, telephone number, or e-mail information.  We trust you will share your on-line shopping experience with your family and friends.  

Security ~ We are a PCI compliant, on-line business.  We use the Square One and PayPal Merchant Services.  Our web site host,, is professiuonally verified by " Merchant SAFE ", and " Trustwave " security, with   two independent e-Commerce business services, for shopping cart fraud protection. 

 Shipping ~ We ship by US Postal service (USPS),  or UPS, depending on the destination, size, and weight of your order.   All shipments are insured.  Shipping takes between two to four days, unless you are outside the USA. Feel free to request any shipping specifics in the Order's Shopping Cart, comment field.   Shipping in the United States is FREE for orders over $75,  ( unless the size and weight require additional cost ).   Foreign orders require a minimum $10 extra shipping for 1st Class International Postage.  please " Contact us " for foreign shipping costs.

Shopping ~ Customers have been shopping with me since 1988, when ' Memory Maker ' began on the Knox County Scenic Drive.  The Retail Business, Cottage Comforts , is registered in DeKalb County, Illinois.   We are a small women owned, mom & pop business, with over 30 years customer service to home makers.  We are on-line everyday, all year.  Enjoy shopping, knowing you have quality customer service, and quality products to select from . . .

   ...   Nancy "Nan" Brewer, Owner/Designer  ...  ..