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Day Light Savings time starts March 11th ... Spring  begins March 2oth !

Good Friday is March 30th ... Easter is April 1st ... Earth Day April 22nd

Fashionable Jacquared woven Father Throw,  2-ply, 100% cotton throw with verse ~ 46" X 67" ~ " You held my hand as I began, This journey through the light, I looked to you with trust and pride, but try as all I might,I could not stretch to fit your steps, I could not match your stride, now life has moved along it's course, blessings I have found, love and trust you have instilled, your knowledge does abound, I know that I may match your steps, but never your shoes I fill. "  Image of a man and small child with dog in shades of navy and cream. Machine wash cold, tumble dry. 

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